NMC Registration Guide for nurses trained outside of the EU/EEA

Moving countries is a very exciting venture, however, it can also be very daunting,
with so much to organize. At Supreme Hill Care Limited, we are here to help you
through the various things you will need to ensure a smooth transition into
becoming a nurse in the UK. One such necessity is registering with the Nursing
and Midwifery Council (NMC), which was created to safeguard the health and
wellbeing of the public by ensuring nurses keep their skills and knowledge up to
Registering with the NMC is your first step to working in the UK. To help you
through registration, we have put together this quick step-by- step guide for
nurses trained outside of the EU/EEA:

1. English language requirements

All applicants must be able to show they can communicate clearly
and effectively in English by having the relevant authority to fill S.8
(a) and (b) of the Form.

2. Practice requirements

At the time of the application, the applicant must have practiced as a
registered nurse at least 12 months (full time or the part-time
equivalent) after qualifying. This post-registration experience must
be relevant to the field of practice the applicant is applying for. If the
applicant has not undertaken any duties as a registered nurse in the
three years prior to making their application, they should contact
NMC to discuss available options

3. Registration requirements

Applicants must hold a current registration or license without
restriction with the licensing authority or registration body in the
country in which they qualified or have been practicing. NMC will
require verification from that authority.

4. Education requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed at least 10 years of
school education before starting a post-secondary education nursing
training programme

5. New applicants

Applicants must complete an online self-assessment of their
eligibility to apply before beginning the application process. This will
involve the following steps

There are different fees for different stages of the application process:
 – Application for nursing/midwifery £140
 – Part 1 test of competence (CBT) £130
Total £270;

Each professional field of nursing, including adult (general), children’s, learning
disabilities, mental health and the midwifery profession, is examined by our
NMC’s test of competence. Part one is a multiple choice examination and part
two is a practical examination called an Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Test of competence (CBT)

In the UK, each field of nursing and midwifery is separate and
distinct. Each requires three years of specialist pre-registration
education and practice. The test of competence requires extensive
preparation and study to make sure you can demonstrate
knowledge, understanding and application of professional skills at
the right level. The test of competence is in line with NMC’s pre-
registration standards and competencies for all nurses and midwives.
There are standards for adult (general) nursing, children’s nursing,
learning disabilities nursing, mental health nursing and midwifery.
They cover professional values, communication, nursing decision-
making and leadership. Once applicants have passed the eligibility

assessment, they will be asked to sit the first part of the test of
competence. This will be a computer based test of theoretical
practice-based knowledge. The test format will be multiple choice
and can be taken in test centres around the world. Applicants will
need to contact Pearson Vue, NMC’s test provider, to book and pay
for their test.

 Assessment –
Applicants will need to provide the following evidence in order to
complete an assessment:

a. A valid passport. This same document must also be presented at the
test centre.

b. – Birth certificate

c. – A qualification certificate for each qualification being submitted as
part of the application

d. – Registration certificates from each jurisdiction where the applicant
has practiced and/or been registered

e. – Two employment references confirming the applicant’s post-
registration practice of at least 12 months, their competence and

f. – Verifications from all jurisdictions where the applicant practiced or
where the applicant has been previously registered

g. – Transcript of training for all relevant nursing programmes
completed by the applicant. These must be calculated in hours or be
accompanied by a letter from the training institution with a key to
how the credits translate to hours

h. – A good health declaration from the applicant’s general practitioner
or the occupational health department at their place of work

i. – A police clearance certificate from all countries where the applicant
has lived since the age of 18

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