Supreme Hill Care Ltd. is currently recruiting nurses who would like to extend their nursing practice to the United Kingdom from outside of the EU/EEA and they are to enjoy at no cost the following:

1. A 3-years work visa (You don’t even have to pay for the visa fees)

2. Travel ticket to the United Kingdom

3. Pick up from the airport

4. One month accommodation close to the place of work

5. Free training and enrolment for OSCE (Final Test of Competence for NMCregistration £992 fully paid for)

6. Exposure to first class professional development

7. Entitlement to 27 days paid annual leave.

8. Instant work as pre-registered nurse

9. Exposure to nursing practice in hospital with world-class facilities

10. Relocation of family members to the Uk

Also read NMC Registration Guide for nurses trained outside of the EU/EEA here

Application Form

For nurses from outside of EU/EEA Please complete application form and attach the following. Copy of your Documents i.e. Passport, Proof of Qualifications I.e. Nursing Degree/Diploma/ Any other relevant courses. Proof of Address. CV.Upload all document after completing step 4

International Recruitment



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