Supreme Hill Care Limited is a company that believes that the welfare of the staff of a company speaks volume about the culture and the overall objectives of a company. As a company we demand dedication, loyalty, dependability, honesty and passion from our staff being the goodwill ambassadors of our company. In return the company pays highly competitive wages. Other perquisites for our staff include:

  1. Flexibility: We strive at making sure wherever it is possible our carers and nurses are able to choose when, where and how they want to work. Flexible working hours and job sharing can be offered to our staff.


  1. Continuing Professional Development: As a company we believe that well trained staff will make a well placed organization. Hence we have a range of in-house training, on the job training and others externally that we invest in to boost the productivity and development of our staff. We also where possible provide monetary assistance and adapt working hours to accommodate staff undergoing courses/programmes that boost their self and career development. We equally reward achievers and excellence. We accept The Health and Safety Groups ‘Skills for Health’ CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training AND/ OR ‘All in One Day’ Mandatory Training and can confirm it meets our mandatory training needs. Please also see HSG Participating Agencies page. Your certificates can be shared with us via The Healthcare Certificate Register


  1. 24 Hours Support System: We have in place a 24 hours support system for our staff and hence they never feel isolated or abandoned when they need clinical or any other sort of assistance in the course carrying out their assignments for us. We give them the assignments and also provide the assistance. We make sure that all logistics or equipment needed to succeed on each assignment is made available to our staff. 

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